Safety Climate Tool (SCT)

The Health and Safety Laboratory’s Safety Climate Tool has been carefully designed by scientists to measure the attitudes of individuals within an organisation towards health and safety issues

Why choose the Safety Climate Tool (SCT)?

Why choose the Safety Climate Tool (SCT)?

SCT is a simple-to-use online tool that enables you to quickly gauge your organisation’s attitude to health and safety, producing a measure of safety culture. It pinpoints where effective action can be taken to improve safety, providing clear priorities.

Benefits of the SCT
  • Reduce the number of accidents and near misses – use as a leading indicator to proactively measure and improve your safety culture. Evidence shows that a strong safety culture is associated with fewer workplace injuries.
  • Target your resources – data can be segmented in a range of different ways to identify good practice as well as areas for improvement such as location or hierarchy. You can then pinpoint key focus areas and take action to change unsafe behaviours.
  • Support your journey to ISO45001 accreditation – use the SCT to enhance your evidence base as you work towards ISO 45001. While ISO 45001 is not itself a legal requirement, proportionate adoption of a health and safety management system standard like ISO 45001 can help businesses measure, evaluate and as a result manage health and safety performance in a structured way.
  • Benchmark your organisation’s health and safety culture – not only does the SCT helps you to understand your own safety culture, but its extensive benchmarking dataset also allows you to compare your performance with your industry peers.


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Why choose the Safety Climate Tool (SCT)?

What is the SCT?

Developed by scientists at the Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL), the Safety Climate Tool (SCT) enables organisations to measure safety culture, providing robust insight that enables organisations to tangibly improve employee attitudes to safety.

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