Work categories

It’s essential to let us know what types of work your company can undertake so you’ll show up in more Buyer searches. Use the work category documents below to tell us what you can do, and don’t forget to provide two references for each category. A reference form is also downloadable below.

Consultant categories & descriptions

Contractor categories & descriptions

Material categories & descriptions

Reference form

Review forms

Below you can download the forms you need to apply for Constructionline. Remember, if you’re having problems with your application, or get stuck, you can contact us

Application Check-list (Silver Level 2)

Reference form

Direct debit mandate

Notation calculation

Notation calculations are designed to give all suppliers a recommended contract value (Contractor Notation Calculation) and consultants a value based on the fee element of the professional (Consultant Notation Calculation).

Click on the appropriate document below to view the notation calculations:

Supplier notation calculation

Consultant notation calculation

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